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19s Dotz Hanzo.

guzzy_431 Nov 12, 2012

  1. guzzy_431

    guzzy_431 Member

    Brand: Dotz
    Size: 19s
    Bolt Pattern: 5X100
    Offset: 34
    Colour: Black, Polished
    Style: 5 spoke, Polished lip

    I'm selling these alloy wheels that are currently on an Audi S3 2002. They have Auto Grip Radial F105 tyres 235/25 on them. The tyres were bought recently so have plenty of tread. These alloys are a real head turner and if bought brand new would set you back £1100.

    These alloy wheels have curbing on the outer lip but if you are wanting an immaculate look they can be easily refurbished under £40 hence £450 price. ​

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