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1999 S4 - gearbox clunking under load... :(

brixo May 26, 2006

  1. brixo

    brixo Member

    Well, had a couple of guys looking at my new (well, new to me) 1999T S4 Avant... under heavy load, 2nd and 3rd make a clunking noise. "clunk. clunk. clu-clu-clunk"

    It can be felt through the gearlever and sounds like a CV joint type clunk.

    It also makes the same noise, but only a single cluck, when I accelerate, hold it in gear and then take my foot off the gas.

    Sounds like something is loose or catching... it has a QST quickshift on it - don't know if it make much difference.

    We looked at the linkages and it's fine. The drive shafts and CV joints are fine too.

    Any ideas? I am praying for it not to be a major g/box issue.

    Or anyone know of a gearbox specialist in the Berkshire/Oxfordshire area?

    Thanks for any help - I'll hold off on crying like a baby until I really know what it is!
  2. ukmayhem

    ukmayhem Member

    take it to Bucks Transmissions in Oakley i wont use anyone else.

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