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1999 b5 s4 some guidance please,

Bonner84 Mar 8, 2014

  1. Bonner84

    Bonner84 New Member

    Hi all! I've recently joined up after getting a b5 s4 I have no history with he car other than service book and a mrc stage 2 map and printout ect, just after some guidance if you can please help? Firstly the car is sat on some Bilstien coilovers, pss9?? Just wondered if any coil over scanners/key will fit to adjust?

    Has some massive 6pot Porsche brembos fitted and huge 2piece discs stamped with ecs, these look like they will need replacing soon! Are there many options for discs without spending huge amounts of cash! Pagid pads all good!

    What oil does the s4 take and how much?? I've looked into grades ect and there ate mixed views, I previously used millers in my Subaru 10w50-would this be any good??

    Other than that she pulls/drives nicely!! Was told it has updated ko3s hybrid turbos any way of telling?? Car has a printout of 350ps/570nm was told the car has a rs4 zorst but I haven't a clue! Under the car looks like it has 2 possibly 100 cell cats into a single 3.5" system, has also a ecs short shifter but that fells nasty! Also abit of wine age going on! Not sure if it's the box or diff
    any guidance on these will be much appreciated cheers!!'
  2. Benson_JV

    Benson_JV New Member

    I would recommend 5w40 for the S4, fully synth. I personally use whatevers on offer and change it often, every 5-6k.
    The short shifter, you could try adjusting it, not sure how as I don't have one but if you look on here or google you'll find plenty of guides on how to adjust them.
    Edited to say my S4 took 6 & 1/2 litres today on it's oil & filter change. Also if you have no history, I'd get it scanned, maybe a health check at MRC? When was the map done?
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2014
  3. Bonner84

    Bonner84 New Member

    Cheers for the reply mate! The map was done back in 2010 so the health check is a wise suggestion! Oil doesn't look too bad ATM but will get it serviced once I've put it through an mot, mot isn't due for a few months but I feel the need to put it through to make sure the car is all good before spending too much to find out I'm wasting my money! It's a great car but with no history and finding out its a cat c after being told its hip clear I don't wanna go to mad just yet! I've noticed the car has been clocked too being on 108k when sold back in 2010 and now showing 106k I think a cambelt kit will be worth getting done along with water pump ect! Il have a butchers at adjusting the short shift as it does really feel nasty! You have to guid it into gear rather than it slotting in so if adjusting doesn't work then il grab myself an oem, cheers again!!

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