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1999 A3 ICE upgrade

Digga Mar 6, 2006

  1. Digga

    Digga New Member

    I've just bought my self some Focal PolyKevlar 3 way component speakers (2x 6.5" 2x 5" & 2x 1" tweeters + crossovers and speaker adapters) with a Becker Traffic Pro HIGH SPEED 7820 HU powering it all. Now I'm fairly sure my HU wont be able to power these speakers fully so, an amp will be needed.
    Could you please advise me on an amp setup that will also be able to run a sub and the standard parcel shelf speakers and the best way to set it all up?
    I'm also a little concerned after taking the door card off with the poor mounting of the original Bose speakers. I'm not expecting great sound up front unless I can enclose them some how, any ideas on how to accomplish this?

  2. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Well the A3 doesn't have parcel shelf speakers, the rears are mounted in the rear quarter panels. On the Bose setup all the cabin speakers are 2 ohm impedance so really need to replace them all. The rear Bose speakers are the puniest, crappiest things you've ever seen. Look like they were taken out of a prewar valve radio.
    The rear panels can easily accomodate 6.5" drivers, so you'd probably be wise to mount the Focal woofers there as you'll never fit them in the front without a custom door build.
    All the Bass in the A3 has to come from the sub due to the flimsy door panels.
    You'll either need a 5 channel amp to drive all speakers and the sub, or a 4 channel for sub and fronts and drive the rears off the head unit.
    You can mount quite large amps behind the rear panels by taking out the polystyrene bolster, but it does make final adjustments a bit tricky.
  3. easytease

    easytease cheesypeas

    time for some fibreglass door pods, the 3-ways are designed to be mounted close together but slightly off axis.

    as for an amp, it depends if you're going to run active or passive my friend /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif
  4. Digga

    Digga New Member

    Thanks for the info guys..
    Mounting together isn't really an option for me. It's all going to be passive, any recommendations for a 4 channel amp to suit my focal 165 K3s? At a resonable cost of course.


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