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1999 2.5tdi Quattro brakes

DELLE Jun 12, 2005

  1. DELLE

    DELLE New Member

    Hi folks,I am looking at upgrading my brakes,since chipping and new exhaust system resultant in v-fast motor,..hence would like to stop quicker or at all !!
    Have fitted aftermarket Black Diamond grooved and EBC pads but is not very effective.
    Have seen post about A8 rotors and Porsche calipers,any info trully appreciated.
    Have 18" rs4 rims so maybe enough room ?
  2. The Slug

    The Slug Active Member

  3. i fitted the 312mm discs and tt carriers to my v6 tdi, they actually made quite an improvment from high speed braking.
  4. oh, what exhaust system have you got?
    what does it sound like?
  5. dummi

    dummi smoking a6

    porsche cayenne calipers stop you dead! you need 18 inch rims minimum my clearance is incredibly close and i love its appearance

    i still have my 320mm discs and calipers if you want a quick fix they're pretty damn good, and just lying about not being used

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