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1998 S4 warm starting problem? HELP!

myfirsts4 Jul 14, 2007

  1. myfirsts4

    myfirsts4 New Member

    Hi guys, Just bought my first Audi, and just happens to be an S4,wooohhoo:rockwoot: . The car is standard with 98k on the clock, its a 1 owner car with FASH, cam belt has also just been done (according to the dealer from which it came).

    I love the car but have a few small issues which I am hoping somone out there will be able to help with....

    1. Car starts when cold no problems and runs well once running, however, if i drive more than about 10-15 mins park it and come back to try and start after 10 or so mins it just turns over. If u give it 10-15 mins and keep trying it will eventually start however that is not ideal.

    I called the AA, who hit the fuel pump and tank with a hammer! When it eventually started he admitted that he did not do anything and was a bit lost, he said to take it to Audi for diagnostics...There are no warning lights.

    I took it to Audi for, plugged it in and they seem to think its the Almbra? (sorry about the spelling prob wrong) sensor in the exhaust system. I have had this done done (£220!) but I still have the problem:confused:

    I did hear a clicking like a solenid behind the dash last time i had the problem, is there something behind there that could cause this but not show on diagnostics?

    2. Airbag light is showing on the dash, Audi tell me its the drivers seat airbag and have quoted £350 to fix this but I can not afford this at the mo, anyway of making this light go away? I have driven cars my whole adult life without an airbag in my seat so I think I will take a chance! I will do it when i get round to it (saving for RS4 leather).

    3. O/S/R foot well was soking wet, I may have been a twat and left the window open but nothing else is wet? The door seal looks in pretty good shape, I have checked as far under the carpet as I can see and feel but can not see or feel any gaps/holes, any ideas?

    4. I am missing the rear ashtray, its a 98 model, anyone got one kicking about they want to sell?

    Sorry about the essay but these are ruining the ownership of my dream car! Any help that u guys can give would be ace, thanks!

    PS brill forum, very helpful! :respekt:
  2. shineydave

    shineydave Member

    airbag light is fairly common. it's usually the plug under the seat that's been disturbed. it needs the plug reconnecting a few times to get a good contact then the light needs resetting with Vag-Com. just done this on a mates A4 which incidentally the local garage couldn't reset using 5 grands worth of Snap-On gear.

    strangely enough his N/S/R footwell is soaking too. again there's no obvious reason for this and we'll be investigating it in the near future. the starting issue sounds like a coolant temp sensor issue, can you smell petrol whilst it's trying to start, the sensor can under read and so the ECU pumps extra fuel in to compensate for what it believes is a cold engine. does the temp gauge behave normally?

    might be worth trying to get your hands on a Vag-Com and run your own diagnostic tests.

    another excellent resource for S4 info is WWW.rs246.com, try posting over there
  3. myfirsts4

    myfirsts4 New Member


    Cheers for your help, Audi originally thought that it was a temp sensor but blindly followed the diagnositics, fools.

    What is this Vag-Com, is it easy to use and where can I get one?
  4. Longman

    Longman vassdignostics.co.uk

    VAG-COM is a diagnostic tool that also lets you reset warning lights, read fault codes and log engine measurement data.

    I have it if you are near Kent and would like some help. If not, Ross-Tech are the people who sell the hardware (a licenced cable) and you can download the software off of their website for your laptop.

    I would have said Temp Sensor too. It is quite common on VAG engines. I have a 1.8T and have researched similar simptoms.

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