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1998 Cabriolet - Electric hood problem told need new ECU

greektony Apr 27, 2010

  1. greektony

    greektony New Member

    hi guys, this is my first post so please be gentle! I am seriously considering a 1998 2.8 automatic cabriolet that is advertised locally and haven't seen the car yet but have been told over the phone that the only problem with it is that the electric hood doesn't work and it apparently needs a new ECU which supposedly costs about £200 direct from Audi.

    I have never delved much into the inner workings of cars but have never heard of an ECU for a hood so just wanted to make sure he wasn't BSing me.

    My appreciation in advance...... [​IMG] and I hope this is the right forum as my knowledge of Audi models isn't great [​IMG]
  2. Rich00p

    Rich00p Member

    just copied my reply from the VWAF mate..

    There is indeed an ECU for the hood, under the rear bench.

    But, I would be asking the question, how does the seller know its the ECU as there are more common faults accosiated with a non operational roof such as hydraulic fluid level, relays etc..

    Even if it is the ECU, there are plenty available on ebay for much less than £200

    Best get yourself to www.audifans.net the cabrio section is full of very useful info on hoods.


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