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1998 A4 2.5 TDi SE Avant

imported_JimCallaghan Jul 21, 2004

  1. Mine is a 1998 R - first registered in June 98.
    Excerpt from Parkers Used Car:
    2.5 V6 TDi (150 bhp) launched. S4 Quattro has new 265 bhp bi-turbo engine. Revisions: high security locks with remote central locking; SE models have auto dip rear view mirror."

    Mine is an SE, was registered before this date, and does not have an auto dip rear view mirror. Any ideas ?
  2. Interesting - you must have 1 of the first 2.5 TDi's. The auto dipping mirror was an £150 option before 01/08/98. Has the mirror been replaced?
  3. VPMD7A

    VPMD7A New Member

    You aint missing much- as I find mine a pain.
  4. Hi.
    the mirror has never been replaced as far as I know. I only bought the car last year but I know it's only other owner personally, and as far as we know, nothing has changed. The £150 option is something I'd never have paid for. I was just curious. I think you are right, maybe it was one of the first dealer demonstrators or something? It can't be a show car, as someone at the factory forgot to put leather seats in it... ;-)

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