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1997 A4 TDi 110 Immobiliser fault

Major_Ingram Mar 14, 2004

  1. Major_Ingram

    Major_Ingram New Member

    Hi - I'm hoping some of you might be able to assist me here....

    My AFN engined A4 TDi 110 is behaving oddly. Unlock car, keys into ignition and attempt to start it, it will initially start but then stop after about 0.5 sec.

    When this happens, the immobiliser light on the dash remains lit.

    I can cycle the igniton on/off and observe the immobiliser light, whenever the light comes on and goes off, I can start the car with no problems. This confirms (to me, anyway!) that it is an immobiliser fault.

    I have heard of immobiliser faults on early A4's - can anybody shed any light on this for me?

    I haven't read any fault codes off the vehicle as yet - I have the Sykes-Pickavant SMART code reader tool, but haven't used it yet. I'm not even sure the reader is able to check the immobiliser for faults codes..

    Anyway, any help would be much appreciated.

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