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1997 1.8T 5spd Automatic Gearbod issue when cold?!?!

damian_rs Mar 15, 2005

  1. damian_rs

    damian_rs New Member


    I am having a problem with my auto box? It seems to happen generally when its cold or after heavy braking to a stop (ie. when the auto box was not expecting to stop i guess?)

    The car will almost stall when stopping?

    When stopping the car feels as if the auto box has gone into neutral and therefore no 'creeping' occurs if i take my food of the brake.

    If i then wait a couple of second it will sudendly jump into gear and start moving.

    Also if i then depress the accelerator i get an even bigger jolt in the car as it engages?

    Any ideas? Fluid problem, or signs of the box totally packing up?

    Car has done 80k, full history and servicing upto date.

    Thanks very much.


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