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1996-2003 audi a3 rear window speed cover

4rings Jul 16, 2011

  1. 4rings

    4rings Member

    i bought this item made by a company called csr in germany. had to get it shipped to poland and then sent to me. as they wouldnt post direct to the uk. i'm only selling as i need the money. it is brand new never fitted :) the item was 20 euro's plus shipping to poland and then another shipping fee to the uk. all in all it cost about £45-50 in the end.

    £25 posted :)

    i cant get a pic my item as my camera has no batteries atm. BUT it looks exactly the same as this once fitted

    Dachspoiler Heck Spoiler Tuning Audi A3 8L HSB001 | eBay

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