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1995 audi coupe auto box help reqd

tatnob2 Nov 11, 2009

  1. tatnob2

    tatnob2 New Member

    i hope sombody can help !!!1st posting.
    i have a 2l 8 valve audi coupe fitted with a ABK engine and a CTA auto box. the box has died . i cannot find a second hand box anywhere.
    I have found a auto box code cfx however this box only has 2 sensors on it. The CTA has 3.This box was working fine and i fitted it into the car .The box works in 1st 2nd 3rd and rev but in drive it will not change gear.
    It was worth a try but has anybody got any ideas of how the get the cfx box to work or is there a box compatable with the original CTA box.
    if anybody can help with this i hope you win the lotto for christmas :anbet:


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