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Ashley g Jan 18, 2012

  1. Ashley g

    Ashley g Member

    Regretfully, I'm putting up for sale My 1991 BBM MK2 S/C VR6. I've owned this car for 5 1/2 years and always said I would NEVER sell it, but with a pending house purchase it means it May well have to go as I'll have nowhere to store it. It's been off the road and stored in My garage for nearly 2 years and has been a labour of love over that time, with over £5500 spent on it.
    If anyone is looking for a fantastic car with some decent mods, read on.
    I'll list what I can remember now but I'm sure there will be some things I'll remember and add later.
    Specs below...

    1991 MK2 GTI (Originally an 8v) in desirable Bright blue metallic
    3 door Sunroof model with big bumpers
    Electric windows and mirrors
    Clifford alarm
    New steering rack with powerflex mount

    Body modifications

    Fully colour coded
    De-texturised bumpers, colour coded
    Vented o/s wing
    Crosshair headlamps
    Deleted side repeaters, relocated to door rub strips
    Pressed plates
    De badged grill
    5 bar badged grill with red stripe also included
    Modified rear arches
    16v rear lights
    single wiper conversion

    Suspension modifications

    Spax RSX fully adjustable coilovers (covered less than 1000 miles)
    Eibach anti roll bars front and rear
    Fully poly bushed everywhere!!
    Genuine VR6 top mounts


    Electric Recaro cloth interior (fully working) with no bolster wear. Tiny cig burn on rear bench but otherwise excellent
    Corrado dashboard with working MFA


    FULLY rebuilt OBD 1 coilpack 2.8 VR6 covered 40 miles - yes, 40 miles!!!
    Wossner low comp pistons 8.5-1 including new rings of course
    ARP head bolts
    ACL bearings
    Polished rocker cover
    Polished 2.9 ilet manifold
    Polished 2.9 throttle body
    Magnecor 10mm leads
    Vortech stage 2 supercharger includes bigger injectors, idler pulley, BOV, includes spare belt, running on Corrado VR6 ECU that was mapped when charger was on another car but runs beautifully
    Bores honed
    Brand new parts include chains, tensioners and guides, valves, stem seals, full gasket set, water pump, everything was replaced and the engine had no expense spared. Runs beautifully as expected. Cost over 2k to build
    New LUK clutch
    New spark plugs, cooler running for charger setup
    Custom pipework to locate air filter to front of car
    6 branch manifold
    New stainless de-cat
    Jetex exhaust system from de-cat back
    Solid alloy front engine mounting
    Repainted cross members

    Wheels and tyres

    Compomotive TH Mono's, 8x15 all round with 195 45 15's (good tread)


    280mm drilled and grooved front discs with VR6 calipers
    Standard size drilled rear discs
    Corrado VR6 servo and master cylinder
    4x100 setup
    Goodridge rear hoses

    The car is 99% finished. It runs and drives well. It will need running in for 500 miles or so and then the map checking, or remapping to suit the new engine.
    Bodywise the car is good. It does need a couple of bits doing, as you would expect for a 20 year old car. The rear VW badge has at some point been smoothed over and will need doing again as it's cracked. There's a tiny bit of paint come off the o/s/r arch and a small parking dent in the drivers door. I've ben quoted £200 max to have all the work done at a reputable local bodyshop so not the end of the world. The rest of the body is great and it shines up well.
    The sunroof has had a tilt and slide conversion at some point but it's now broken. Included though, is a very good standard sunroof in BBM to match the car. Just needs fitting.

    Obviously the engine needs to be run in. I can incude 10 litres of VW Quantam oil which is what it is running on now. Once mapped, expected BHP should be around the 280 mark or more so will be a quick car.
    The car is declared sorn as it's been a bit of a project for nearly 2 years and has no tax or MOT. I can't see it needing much, everything is new and it's never failed an MOT in the 5 years I've had it!

    It comes with the most huge comprehensive service records and piles of receipts etc. A whole box file full.

    So there you have it! MY pride and joy up for the taking and to be honest I'm gutted, but needs must and I'll definately be back in a MK2 in the future!

    Due to the spec of the car and the money I've spent (Over 5.5k not including the car) I'm asking £5000, and I'm not open to offers.
    I can sell the car without the charger but I would want at least £3500 and I would need a standard obd1 ecu.
    I know this may seem steep to some people but that's what I want for My baby it and it's worth every penny.

    Included with the car will also be lots of VR6 engine spares if needed

    May take a P/X for something cheaper or interesting for a friend. Try Me

    Call 07590045090
    Email smasher.g@gmail.com
    Or PM Me if interested

    How it used to look before it came off the road




    How it looks now, complete with nearly 2 years of garage dust!!

  2. wez3570

    wez3570 Member

    V. Nice bud.

    Links to build thread might help sell

  3. Ashley g

    Ashley g Member

    Cheers! I never actually did a build thread. There's a few bits and bobs on the build on E38 and MK2VR6.COM but that's about it. I'm gutted to be selling it, I always said I'd keep this car forever but I need to get on the property ladder and it's either this goes or the S3. The MK2 is too good to be used as a daily
  4. Ashley g

    Ashley g Member


    ANDYTQ Well-Known Member

    I really miss my jetta vr6 after reading this,mine was the white j plate with a cam'd 2.9 in it that i used to take to all the vag events,i wish i hadn't sold it when moved house.

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