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1990 Mk2 Golf GTi 1.8T 20v - Fully Restored - Massive Specification

Discussion in 'Classifieds Discussion Area' started by classy, Jun 16, 2013.

  1. classy

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    Aug 28, 2012
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    [Jun 16, 2013]
    Well, the time has come to sell my Mk2 20v 1.8T...

    It’s said in most adverts these days but this is an extremely reluctant sale, forced by none other than a new business venture that is requiring additional cash to aid its start-up. I’ve tried everything in my power to find alternatives; however, this is the last option.

    History: I’m the 3[SUP]rd[/SUP] owner of what was an originally a completely unmolested pristine 1990 VW Mk2 GTi 8v. I purchased the car on the 6[SUP]th[/SUP] February 2007 – 6 years, 4 months of ownership to this current day, the car had a mere 88,929 miles on the clock and was purchased for £2,695. The last owner was an older lady who had owned the car for over 9+ years and had looked after the car exceptionally well with a folder full of service reports and receipts spanning 14+ years.
    It’s a worth a note now, I’m a Qualified Technician for Mercedes Benz so a meticulous and perfectionist approach to any work completed on this car has always been #1 priority with no expense spared. With exception to bodywork, all work carried out, has only been carried out by me.

    The car has built to a VERY high standard; my intention has always been to turn this 20 year car into something as reliable, fast, quiet & comfortable as a modern day car, whilst retaining classic Mk2 aesthetics, character and handling. I feel after over 6 years building this car & £tens of thousands£ spent, those intentions have been achieved.

    This mk2 is not like any I’ve ever driven or been in. It’s not been thrown together on a budget in 5 minutes by someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing. It’s been meticulously put together over 5 years. The result is an exceptionally quick (0-60 ~5 secs – lower with a better driver than me!), awesome handling (KW V1, eibach ARB’s, polybushed) turbo charged rocket ship that you can have a blast down the B roads in. On the other hand, if you want to drive it to work every-day you can. Reliably on Factory original engine management which will achieve 30-40mpg on a sensible run, produce minimal cabin noise due to the soundproofing (also making music sound great) and the cabin being utterly rattle free. If it’s a cold day the heater works perfectly with a re-vamped heaterbox & matrix and when you get out the car, the door closes with a ‘thud’ (like a Golf should) as you lock the car with central locking knowing it’s protected with an alarm.

    It’s the best of both worlds whether you want to have fun or just use a daily drive, either way it turns heads EVERYWHERE & people will always comment on it’s condition.

    So, basic details as it stands:

    • 1990 (G) Volkswagen (Mk2) Golf GTi - Tornado Red – 3 Door – Big Bumper – 99200miles.
    • 2001 1.8T 20v Engine (AMK) From an Audi S3 – (Estimated 54000miles)
    • Volkswagen Mk3 TDi Gearbox (CTN)
    • Extras: PAS & Sunroof
    • Since finished being built, the entire car has done about 1500 miles.

    The conversion was finished roughly around August 2012. I have folders full of receipts totalling 10’000’s. The labour involved I don’t bare to think about, it’s been a build of 5 years with 1’000’s of hours spent, mainly perfecting the small detailed jobs.

    There are in-depth build threads dating back 4+ years documenting nigh on every part of the build/transformation. The build threads can be found below:

    Edition38 - http://www.edition38.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=204948&page=1
    ClubGTI - http://www.clubgti.com/showthread.php?183984-Mk2-20v-MOT-d-amp-On-the-Road!



    • RUST FREE Mk2! Undercarriage recently wax sealed.
    • LEAK FREE MK2! NO water ingress at all! Front & rear windscreens sealed, all usual locations dealt with before soundproofing fitted. Double door membranes fitted.
    • Paint – Engine bay, Roof, Boot & scuttle panel re-sprayed factory tornado red.
    • Scuttle panel with smoothing of additional wiper hole.
    • Tailgate/Boot has been ‘frenched’ with rear sticker & rear wiper removed + smoothed, Hidden Dome # plate lights. Electric popper for boot, button nicely incorporated into a blank on dash.
    • Recent stage 2 paint restoration completed by ‘Detail My Ride’ over 18+ hours of machine polishing to rejuvenate the paintwork & remove swirl marks. Coupled with a full valet.
    • Comes with Legal Pressed GB metal plates & Spare set of plastic plates.
    • Original Tow Eye removed & Tow strap fitted.


    • Fully Soundproofed Interior using ‘RAAMmat BXT’ butyl deadening, overlay with closed cell foam ‘RAAMmat Ensolite’. Doors, floorpan, bulkhead, roof, boot lid the entire car insulated. Additional padding (underlay) has been used in places to help fitment of trims/carpet etc to factory look add additional proofing.
    • Operational Original Engine managment warning light fitted.
    • Recently re-trimmed perfect condition headlining in foam backed black.
    • Fully working everything. MFA, tacho, speedo, oil gauges, outside temp, accurate coolant temp etc etc.
    • Heaterbox re-vamped with new foam & New heater matrix (GENIUNE)
    • Fully working 160mph – 8000rpm 16v clocks with mileage adjusted. Spare set of original fully working 8v clocks included also.
    • Front Sparco Sprint Bucket seats trimmed in grey alcantara fitted with 4 point harnesses.
    • FULL standard interior with front + rear seats, parcel shelf & seat belts come with the car if you want to put the interior back to standard.
    • New Racetech mechanical 2 in 1 oil pressure & oil temp gauge.
    • New TIM mechanical 1.5bar boost gauge.
    • New Kenwood MechLess Stereo relocated into centre console with full iPod compatibility.
    • Front Audio scape Door pockets.
    • Focal component speakers & Tweeters fitted into dashboard. With up-rated speaker wire & passive 2 way crossovers.
    • New TOAD Ai606 Alarm installed with x2 key fobs.
    • Battery relocated to boot with 300A wire & FUSED. NEW bosch 7yr warranty battery.
    • Washer bottle relocated to the boot.


    • 2001 Audi S3 1.8 20VT (AMK) (210bhp Standard) – Estimated 54000 miles.
    • Mk3 TDI Gearbox (CTN – perfect ratios for mk2 20vs) with MT90 oil & painted silver.
    • De-immobilised ECU with APR map running OEM management with full Diagnostic facilities wired in. I MAY throw in VCDS full version for the right price.
    • New Sachs VR6 Clutch with Lightened Hotgolf G60 flywheel.
    • New Clutch slave & master cylinders with hydraulic corrado pedal box fitted running factory brake & clutch switches.
    • Late Style 02J complete 5 speed shift mechanism with Audi TT shift weight fitted.
    • New K04-023 re-con turbo from Midland turbo, modified by Badger5. Non cracked K04 exhaust manifold sourced.
    • Engine stripped & inspected, FULL gasket rebuild including head gasket, cam belt, aux belt, tensioners, injector seals, water pump, oil & filters, spark plugs etc etc etcusing GENIUNE parts. Has done just over 1000miles since finishing of the build.
    • Complete Wire tuck, all engine, lighting & sensor looms hidden & extended.
    • New K-Jet 5 bar pressure fuel pump & housing with new fuel filter & braided lines.
    • New BADGER 5 V3 TIP (Turbo inlet pipe) in black & massive pipercross cone filter
    • New Forge 007p diverter valve.
    • New 2.5” intercooler piping with Toyosport front mount intercooler mounted directly in bottom of bumper for maximum air flow/cooling efficiency. Additional forge intercooler pipe with flange for boost sensor.
    • New 1.3 bonded front engine mount, g60 bonded gearbox mount & poly insert for mk2 8v rear engine mount.
    • Engine parts powder coated black & Polished Manifold, charge pipes & throttle body
    • 2.5” Qpeng downpipes & 2.5” Jetex Stainless Steel (SS) Exhaust with twin 3” tips.
    • New Forge 90* Red rubber outlet pipe
    • New N75, MAF, x4 coil packs, 02 sensor, Alternator regulator, ALL GENIUNE PARTS.
    • N249 valve deleted & cleaning/simplifying of the breather system, including new breather hoses GENIUNE PARTS.
    • New Bosch 7year warranty Battery
    • New 8V Radiator with New Slimline fans.
    • Heat proofed engine bulkhead + various required components.


    • Fully refurbished silver/diamond cut (RIMSTOCK) 16 x 7.5” Borbet B Alloys
    • Pirelli P-zero 205/40/16 tyres (Done about 1000 miles)
    • New KW V1 Stainless Steel Coilovers. Also been wrapped & greased for extra protection.
    • Eibach front anti roll bar (Rear comes with car, but not fitted) both powder coated red.
    • NEW Wilwood Midilite 4 piston callipers with Mintex red pads & 280 vented discs with braided brake hoses.
    • New Ibiza cupra R stubby 23.4mm master cylinder & 9” painted servo.
    • New copper lines for front brakes. Rears greased.
    • New rear pads & discs (standard) & rear compensator valve.
    • Seam welded front wishbones
    • New ALL AROUND – wheel bearings, top mounts
    • New Front ball joints, tie rods, tie rod ends, hubs, x4 CV joints
    • Everything powdercoated black on front of car wishbones, subframes, front crossmember, stubaxles, driveshafts, slam panel etc etc
    • New Power-flex bushes for front of car, including steering rack mount & cross member mounts.

    Now for the not so good, or for lack of a better phrase, the small jobs required that detract nothing from this car other than I haven’t had the money or time to get them completed/have never been bothered by them.

    • This car is 23 years old. Largely on its original paint, yes it’s got the odd stone chip/dint on it. There are also two tiny rust patches on the driver’s side wing (touched up). A scratch on the rear bumper & graze on the n/s/f bumper. Everything has been touched up & most wouldn’t notice unless pointed out. I just want to be as transparent as possible.
    • The car would benefit hugely from a custom rolling road map if not only for more power. I’ve been meaning to get Bill @ Badger 5 to do it for months. At the same time, the ECU can also have some codes now redundant coded out so that the 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] 02/lambda fault code & N80 for incorrect flow will disappear. This will enable a fully operation EML light that’s already fitted to the car.
    • The 02J shifter protrudes hugely into the mk2 centre console, I’ve shaped the centre console to fit around however it really needs a larger gear knob gaitor fitted so it’s hidden properly. This is Purely cosmetic.
    • Finally, the valve stem seals require changing. A job I have been meaning to do (again) for months but have just not had time to do it. The car occasionally smokes for a couple minutes before it gets warm after it’s been sat in the garage for a while. As soon as it’s been driven a short distance it’s no problem at all & has disappeared.

    I think that’s everything, I may have missed out some details as the spec list is huge. If anyone’s seriously interested I have a complete excel document with a complete breakdown of all the spec. There are also 50-60+ folders full of pictures detailing the build/conversion process & abundance of documents & wiring diagrams put together specifically for this car for future repair reference.

    It’s not been to any shows yet so the perfect time for a new owner to show it off.

    Price is £7500. NO DREAMERS. NO TIMEWASTERS!

    No testdrives without having full cash amount with you / having full proof of insurance.

    Located in Worcester WR5, stone’s throw away from J7 of the M5
    # 0777twofive4328seven
    Email: crispyuk88@hotmail.com

    – Chris





    This steering wheel is no longer fitted, neither is that switch hanging out. I'll update with a more recent picture of the interior soon.




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    [Jun 17, 2013]
    Fantastic Car and Fantastic Add. Do not take anything less than you want to as i should think that will sell with ease.
  5. Az

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    [Jun 17, 2013]
    Very good advert mate, I can appreciate how long that must of taken to write out. And amazingly clean and well built mk2! Good luck with the sale, not that I think you'll need it!
  6. classy

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    [Jun 25, 2013]
    Thanks chaps.
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    [Jun 25, 2013]
    I think I have just done a sex wee ! If only I had 7.5k spare !!!!
  8. Paradox1

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    [Jun 25, 2013]
    That is beautiful :)I woudlnt sell it. keep it! showroom condition
  9. classy

    classy Member

    Aug 28, 2012
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    [Jul 7, 2013]
    Will now consider DIESEL VW, Audi, BMW, Mercedes etc of similar value or slightly more in part exchange.

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