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193F RNS-e install into 2011 A3

euroaddict Dec 16, 2010

  1. euroaddict

    euroaddict New Member

    OK so did the install..

    still having some issues..

    telephone.. phonebook (name button) wont show anything.. but under memory it shows the full phone book, also will show dialed, and missed calls under memory. you can scroll though phonebook on DIS also.

    start up screen - there is none showing.. car turns right on to what screen it was left on.

    INFO button - shows no traffic available ? (i have this on my sirius plan though).. cant figure out why its not showing anything.

    Parking Screen - cant figure out how to get it to show up, i do hear reverse beeping, but no screen to show it. Want to try and get atleast the visual of the parking plus car.

    should there be nothing under the Car screen, it only shows VERSION

    I looked through ross tech wiki, thats getting me no where.. so if someone can just post exactly what to do.. PLease that would help..

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