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190 bex quattro Avant SLOW mini rant!

gtvlew Jun 4, 2013

  1. gtvlew

    gtvlew Member

    Jesus ! this thing is so slow, granted theres a lot of transmission loss , throttle response is also very very slow, it will eventually get into its stride but its not how I thought the VAG 1.8T performed , how much of a difference does a map make on these as there looks like an injector ceiling of about 225 bhp roughly, I don't want to go down the road of swapping injectors , intercoolers exhausts ,cat etc as this wagon was bought as our camping load lugger. my last car was a mid life crisis Megane R26-R so ive held out until now because driving the meg was a different kettle of fish which I thought might have made the avant feel slower !

    I'm after a more torque with a bit of a power hike chucked in and quicker throttle response, the cars on 60k now , so expecting to change the clutch /DMF before long so mapped torque should not be an issue .

    To all the mapped BEX folk on here , are they worth mapping?

    Regards Gary
  2. madmike01uk

    madmike01uk Member

    in a word yes, it will be like night and day. I had a mapped VRS before this and it was quick. I find my 190 CVT quick enough but no where near my old car, problem is, after I mapped my VRS the insurance doubled....
  3. AlexGSi2000

    AlexGSi2000 Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    I used to have an Ibiza Cupra with the 1.8t - I found it to be a lively engine (granted I spent a little and made 235bhp)
    A friend used to have a B5 Passat 1.8t also - that thing was quick when it was remapped.

    There must be a lot lost through the transmission - I would say you would definitely benefit from a remap though.
    Check everything is working properly (vac lines, N75 valve, actuator, MAF.etc) as these things tire with age and may reduce response and boost pressure.
  4. Mike.M

    Mike.M Well-Known Member

    I have said it before and always wondered why they did not put the S3/TT 225bhp lump in the place of the 190. My S3 225 standard was lively but when chipped to 275ish it really came alive.

    This is one of the reasons I went for the TDI due to the torque making the car feel a little more lively......can't wait to remap mine when finances allow.
  5. moggs

    moggs Member

    Any chance of some r26r pics. Would love one.
  6. Andie0

    Andie0 Member

    I got 242bhp in my bex and feels good..well worth the dollar! Also standard clutch still holding well and i ****ing thrash it round tracks! Driven an r26r and is an animal in the bends... As you said complete different kettle of fish
  7. 666markyboy

    666markyboy Well-Known Member

    he B6 Quattro Avant is a big heavy car to be lugging around and i think it's more suited the the diesel engines where you get bags of torque i own a 1.9 tdi version of your car mapped to 160 and also we have a 180 bhp A3 Quattro (petrol) strangely at times the diesel can feel faster especially round town even though it has less power and is in a heavier car ... it's only when you get on motorway at the higher speeds where the 1.8t in the A3 seems to come into it's own.... i think the turbo will be the restricting factor on your car as i would imagine it's a K03s this will give you around 200 bhp with a standard remap and around 230 bhp with other mods , intercooler , downpipe , exhaust etc better to go the K04 route but i'm not sure how easy that is to sort out on an A4... it's easy on the A3's the engine is mounted transverse so you can get second hand parts off a TT or an S3 or perhaps you could get a K03 hybrid... it's all pounds shillings and pence at the end of the day and how much you want to spend
  8. LaKi

    LaKi New Member

    Yes is worth of every penny which you give for mapping..
    Before I bought my fwd BEX, I was testing BEX with Quattro, and it was dead... i hadn't feeling that the car is having 190 PS.. Quattro is big stealer of power and gasoline :D
  9. Coath

    Coath New Member

    So reading this post i getting me a little worried, I am potentially picking up a A4 Avant 1.8T Quattro tomorrow, is this a good move or shall i hold out for a FWD version ?
  10. tom2

    tom2 Member

    I have the 190 Q saloon, as standard it was a tiny tiny bit quicker than my brothers a6 2.7tdi Q avant, post remapping its noticeably quicker than his a6. I had the revo switch box with economy, hybrid and performance settings and just leave it on economy which from memory only took the power to 199 bhp, but the power is far more easily accessible and useable, and it does average about 20/25 miles per tank more... I think people read too much into it being the 190 version as the engine only puts out that power if you rev the nuts off it, 190 is plenty if its accessible and can be used without sounding like a try hard when people hear you ragging the guts out of the car. I had a 28 day free trial of the revo switch thing too by asking nicely :)

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