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19" on standard suspension?

dejongj Mar 6, 2011

  1. dejongj

    dejongj Active Member

    I've got a standard suspension 3.0V6 Cabrio Quattro and are running on rubbish looking 16" wheels with tyres for the winter months. As spring is approaching I really need to get some new wheels.

    I do like my wheels, was running 22" Lenso's on my Navara pickup, but heck even my the Prius belonging to my wive has bigger wheels than my Audi.

    Usual pondering between 18" or 19", I was just wondering will 19" look silly with normal i.e. non-sline suspension, would I be quickly on a slope to have to lower the car as well etc.

    Also as I have the 3.0V6 I understand the brakes are slightly bigger, will ET42 be ok for 18/8J and ET37 for 19/9J or do I need spacers as well?
  2. CMD

    CMD Pointing Forward's!!!!!!!!!

    This is what 19's look like on an A4 with SE standard suspension . ET43 to ET35 will fit fine without the need for spacers 19x9's with a 235x35 tyres, again the same with 18's you will be fine but you will have to run 235x40 tyre, lowering the car will work a treat on 19's even a drop of 20mm-30mm will improve the handling and the look of the car.

  3. dejongj

    dejongj Active Member

    Excellent! That looks really good. Choice made 19s it is.

    Thanks for responding with the picture as well.

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