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19" Genuine Rotiform NUE's with polished faces!

DJ_Troopa Jun 23, 2012

  1. DJ_Troopa

    DJ_Troopa K1 Driver

    Hi all

    Selling my genuine Rotiform NUE's. I've only had these for less than a month and now unfortunately i have to sell. I wanted to look different from the rest of the standard diamond cut NUE's so i got the faces polished, i'm pretty certain these are the only NUE's in the UK to have polished faces!?

    I'm selling without the tyres because i'll buy another set of 19's when i'm ready again. Here's a few pics on the car but i'll get some individual wheel shots when i'm off from work tomorrow. Due to being freshly refurbed recently they are mint as you'd imagine! I buffed them with Megs metal polish and then sealed with Poorboys wheel sealant following the Pure Klas polished wheels method.

    Reason i'm selling is i have other commitments to make and selling these will help [​IMG] Proper kicking my own ass about it though as i want to keep them.


    ET 45





    I'm asking 1k ono. Cash on collection from Hayes, West London, 5 mins from Heathrow.

    Contact Number: 07878 799 205




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