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19' Bentley GTC Wheels

tyrrelll May 20, 2013

  1. tyrrelll

    tyrrelll Lukey.T

    [TABLE="width: 1413, align: center"]
    [TD]Genuine 19' Bentley GTC Wheels

    Don't mistake these for the more common Bentley 5-spokes, these are much nicer and rarer.

    These have been on my A3 for the past year and have served me brilliantly. Before that they came off 'YoungDan's' A3

    I was intending on giving these a refurb for summer but now i'm after something a bit different.

    These will fit most VAG cars without modification: 5X112, Offset 41, Width 9J

    They have never been refurbed so original Bentley paint. All have curbing, however no deep chips and all straight.

    The tyres are pretty ****. 2 are just about legal and they're all running a slight stretch 225/35/19

    All 4 centre caps, along with the B caps included

    I know how much the wheels are worth, I wont take stupid money for them i'm after some Speedlines, Alphards or 3sdm's.

    I've got more pictures if requested.



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