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180bhp standard boost psi?

hiltoa Mar 24, 2007

  1. hiltoa

    hiltoa VAG erfahren

    Guys and Gals, a question for y'all:

    I've just wired up my boost gauge, taking the vacuum feed off the pipe between inlet and fuel regulator.

    Took the car for a run, and it's showing up to 12psi (0.8bar) @ WOT under load - I was expecting around 6psi.

    I get negative pressure on the overrun (> 22inHg) and the needle sits happily around 0 at idle. If I floor it in first it will only hit 6psi, but in the higher gears it's easy to build over 10psi.

    I know the car is standard (I've not fitted my n75j and 710N yet) so does anyone have any idea why I'm getting such high readings? Or is this how it should be?

  2. johnyj

    johnyj Member

    ive just fitted my gauge to a 18t 150bhp and goes up to 0.5 when booted
    and -0.5 when at idle

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