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18'' S LINE alloy wheels and tyres, immaculate!

mattyboy_82 Jul 30, 2012

  1. mattyboy_82

    mattyboy_82 Member

    Hi all!

    Selling my s line alloys in 18'' there is not 1 mark on the wheels at all! or scuffs! each of the 4 tyres have loads of tread, there not expensive performance tyres as i deem it waste of money unless its for a real performance car, anyway there coming off my 60 plate a3 only for the reason im upgrading to 19'' however these wheels look really smart and are a definate must for any1 going from 17' to 18'' looking for £750 ono which is fair due to the condition and also to buy these from audi will cost a fortune! these arnt the typical second hand look wheels so bare that in mind, anyway heres a few pics, my number 07445223777, cheers matt

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