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18” rotor design titanium finish alloys

darrenhorsham May 17, 2012

  1. darrenhorsham

    darrenhorsham New Member

    18” rotor design titanium finish alloys I have these wheels coming on my brand new A3 S Line Black Edition but want some compatible 19" alloys in px i dont mind used but nothing that are battered with bold tyres and they must be decent and not rub on the arches etc?

    Daz 07725626439

    im not sure what they are worth but looking on ebay they are fetching over £1000 so please no **** these wheels will be fresh off the car and right on to yours?
  2. iR8V10

    iR8V10 Noob

    Will these fit on an 8l S3 (2002)?

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