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150000 miles.....

ALPINE Jul 28, 2008


    ALPINE Yes its diesel, now cry u lost

    ok.. the motor has gone over the 150000 mark. the turbo will need replacing very soon as it rattles like a gooden on overdrive and low revs.

    after reading lee G`s thread about engine flushes etc do you think it would be benaficial for my car to get flushed. i changed the oil and filter about 1500miles ago, and will be clocking up quite a few more miles next month as we are driving it to north wales for our hols.

    reason i ask is because i have heard lots of storys of engine flush causing probs. i like this car and i plan on keeping it for quite a few years as i know these engines are good for 200000 miles +.

    what brand would you recomend, what brands would you say to steer clear of. car does not really tap in general, but i do hear the occasional tap etc.

  2. aragorn

    aragorn "Stick a V8 in it!" Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User

    well mines is on 168k and it had 150k on it when i baught in in december. It had its turbo changed at 120k but the oil that was in it was like tar when i baught it.

    I dropped the oil and filled it with comma flushing oil, started it and ran it at 2krpm for 10mins then shut it off and drained/refilled it (the flushing oil was black when it came out) with new fresh oil, which ive since changed every 5k

    I've heard some horror stories about engine flush, mainly based around the crud coming unstuck and blocking oilways or the sump pickup.

    If you want to do a full good job of it then what i'd do is run a flush thru it as per the instructions, then remove the sump pan and clean out any sludge from it, remove the pickup and clean the gause mesh on the pickup. Reassemble and fill with fresh oil, then change it again after a short distance (perhaps 1000miles) to catch any remaining ****.

    I'd recommend using the proper flushing oil rather than the silly can you add to the existing oil, or if your feeling brave drop about half the oil out and replace it with diesel or kerosine and run it on fast idle (2k but dont let the turbo spool) for 10mins before removing the sump etc as above. I used the diesel trick on a mates engine that had very noisey lifters and it cured it.

    My engine does use oil, approx 1L of it every 2-3k, i find the 5L tub of oil is just enough to fill the engine (3.5L) and top it up for the 5k until i change it again.

    ALPINE Yes its diesel, now cry u lost

    cheers mate.. thats very heplfull...

    i used the derv trick on my very tappy mk2 golf gti and it worked. dont think im brave enough to do the same on my Audi tho :(

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