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130 TDi Avant Sport Multitronic economy

imported_aks Sep 1, 2004

  1. imported_aks

    imported_aks Guest

    Can anyone please give me feedback on economy achieved in their 130 TDi multitronic's.

    I'm getting just 36mpg /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gifin a 5 week old 130TDi Sport Avant with multitronic - now has 3k miles on and figures aren't improving. Trips are mainly 60 mile each way commute on decent fairly empty 'A' roads at 50-70mph - rarely use the 'S' setting either.

    I was getting 45+ in a 320D touring and 47+ in Golf PD 150 on same regular trip.
  2. Hi..

    Mine is saloon, not avant - not sure how much difference if any that makes.. otherwise the same, 130 tdi sport multitronic.

    Ive done 7500 miles now, since late June, and the return does seem to be improving on the initial results, which were not as good as I expected.. I confess to being fairly heavy footed though. Normal journey pattern is 10 miles in slow moving traffic through the New Forest, followed by foot down once I hit the motorway - so not conducive to good results.. Mine varies a bit though. The worst Ive had is about 40, with a fairly loaded car, the best seems to be mid to high forties. I usually reckon on 'approx' 600miles on a tank, less (550 or so) if Ive been (ahem) 'pushing'..

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