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12v socket not working

A3DOL Jun 7, 2009

  1. A3DOL

    A3DOL Member

    Hi all,

    My 12v cigarette socket is not working. I have replaced the fuse which was ok anyway but still no prevail.

    To be honest it looks **** inside. I have always had a cap on it and never needed to use it so never looked in! It looks rusty so i am suspecting that is the reason its not working.

    Does anyone know how to get the unit out so I can clean it up and inspect it?

  2. A3DOL

    A3DOL Member

    Job done!

    Use a small spade end screwdriver to prize the unit out.

    Clean with WD40 and a narrow paint brush.

    Check the 4 pins are connecting with the phone charger unit and re-fit.

    Not that hard really. Perhaps I should do more DIY.........:wtf:
  3. David A3tdi

    David A3tdi New Member

    try using a 30amp fuse not a 20 i had to do this as had same problem and would only work with the 30amp fuse

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