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10v NG engine specs?

stridey Jul 26, 2009

  1. stridey

    stridey New Member

    Sorry that my first post on the forum is one asking for help...!

    Short background. I am in the process of fitting an Audi 10v NG 5 cylinder engine into my VW Transporter T4 van. I have had a soft spot for the 5 cylnder engine ever since my father had a 100 Avant CD5E...I loved that car! My original 2 litre engine gave up the ghost and an Audi 90 was heading to the scrappy so I rescued the engine and passed the good bits (boot spoiler, rear light panels etc on to a 90 owner)

    Anyway, as part of my engine fitting process I am going to use a 'megasquirt' engine management system, so that I can run two maps, one for LPG, one for petrol and fettle the management to suit a heavyish van, rather than the 90 it came out of.

    To order the megasquirt I need to know a couple of things about the NG engine.

    1) Is the crank signal a 60-2.
    2) Is the cam signal 1 pulse per rev?

    Any advice regarding tuning the 10v (yeah...I know the 20v is 'the one' but the 10v has low end grunt that suits my van...I hope) or anything else I ought to know would be most welcome.
  2. jasonsmith092

    jasonsmith092 New Member

    sounds good to me.
  3. dgacampbell

    dgacampbell New Member


    Hi stridey,
    You may laugh, but did you have any luck with your engine conversion, and getting it to run with the megasquirt??
    My reason for asking is i have a 2.3 90, been told my airflow meter/fuel metering head is done (£500+) for a new one, as i want to run the car on lpg for long journeys (not till next year) i was looking at getting the megasquirt to run the gas anyway, but if you have had any luck maybe i can kill 2 birds with one stone, by converting to EFI and binning the KEIII-Jetronic stuff?
    Any information regarding what work was involved, parts involved etc would be greatly appreciated!
    As no one else either seems to know or is interested in giving me any advice other than stick an oil burner in it!

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