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100k Miles Service... anything to look out for? 2.0 TFSI

_G_ Mar 12, 2013

  1. _G_

    _G_ Active Member


    8p2, BWA, S-Tronic

    Now on the 100k mark...

    Got the Bentley Service Manual... but thinking of doing the following:

    - Turbo re-build/service
    - Second DSG Fluid flush/refill and renew filter (first done this at 50k miles)
    - Cooling system overhaul and change all hoses/fixings

    Anything else to look out for or consider as preventative maintenance?
    Anyone with 100k + experience/all views welcome.

    Thank you.
  2. JPK

    JPK Active Member

    I did all of this on mine when I bought it at 107,000km. Your turbo should be fine.

    *Cambelt Replaced (Full kit with water pump, G12 coolant & flush etc)
    *DSG Service (new fluid & flush, filter, seals)
    *Revision D Diverter Valve (Piston Type)
    *New HPFP Cam follower
    *New OEM spark plugs
    *Oil/Filter change w/ Valvoline Synpower 5w30
    *New revision F coil packs
    *BSH PCV Fix
    *Fuel Filter
  3. _G_

    _G_ Active Member

    Thanks man..

    Your PCV fix... Catch can or revamp? BSH 2.0T FSI PCV Revamp - BSH Speedshop

    Since using 5w40 ester oil I hardly have any oil burn problems whatsoever which is a relief... compared with 5w30 I was burning up to a litre every month/1500 miles. Now it is less than a quart every 3000 miles.

    Got the cam follower.. have been inspecting it every 20k but think I will just put a new one in case.
    Did coil packs at 60k and will next do them 120k
    Will do sparks
    Changed fuel filter every 40k so will next do that 120k
    Got forge DV

    Was thinking of injectors. What do you reckon?
    Water pump for sure!
  4. JPK

    JPK Active Member

    I just have a revamp. Not a lot of point in a catch can on these engines really. RE oil, whatever works for you as long as it is VW approved.

    Injectors are also pretty reliable. If you want to take the intake manifold off to do a carbon clean which is definitely going to be beneficial at higher mileage, you could get the injectors taken out and professionally cleaned and flow tested etc by a specialist at the same time.
    Quite expensive labour wise however to do the carbon clean though (around 8 hours). There is a few DIYs out there if you're that way inclined.

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