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100/A6 Front Suspension Track Control Arms - Replacement

deemde May 30, 2006

  1. deemde

    deemde Member

    I have just replaced both track control arms on my 1992 Avant.
    Quite hard work if you do 1 side at a time. Getting the roll bar out of the way is no fun.
    The reason for this post is with regard to removing the thin bush which locates the inner rubber mount into the sub-frame. I did not want to damage them, has I had no spares. Some crappy second rate manuals suggest removing the sub-frame and knocking them out. NO CHANCE! Well to cut a long story short, I found that a wheel stud will screw into the bush, by hand, and it can then but twisted out easily. Well mine could as they were not corroded in.
    I hate the crude suspension on this model (and the Mk 1 Polo). Not a patch on the wishbones of my 90 20v Q. Although, the adjustable top mounts on the struts are brilliant. I will have to graft some into my 90.

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