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1 X Genuine RS4 18" alloy wheel

MTRL Jan 27, 2012

  1. MTRL

    MTRL Split Grill!


    I brought this off ebay last week but didn't reaslise I had reps on my car and this one is genuine.

    Its cheaper for me to source 1 replica than 3 more genuine so this is back for sale.

    I paid £90 and £20 delivery so would just like to make my money back to buy 1 more replica.

    I would also be able to swap this for a replica if the chance is available.

    Open to offers

    Offset is ET43

    Slight cerbing, nothing major. Tyre is still ok aswell


    Tyre is still ok
  2. Tan-Talising

    Tan-Talising New Member


    I noticed on your post you said its easier for you to source 1 replica alloy. Can I ask where from?

    I have been searching for a 19" RS4 Replica in Silver with no joy :(

    Thanks in advance

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