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1 cylinder failed. Ignition module needed... £800 !?!?

imported_AudiOwner96 Aug 5, 2005

  1. My second engine cylinder just failed in my '96 1.8t sport. I tried changing round the spark plugs to see if it was that - no. Not the spark plug connectors either so took it to a garage.

    They looked at it and said it was going to need a new 'ignition amplifier module'. Quote including parts = £800.

    They reckon its a very common problem on high milage A4's of this age.

    Any Comments??
  2. manwithbins

    manwithbins New Member

    I had this same problem and had it repaired at an Audi dealers for a lot less than £800.

    My A4 has done 136k so you are not alone.
  3. philwest

    philwest New Member

    Hey bandito,
    I had what sounds like the same problem, one cylinder stopped firing. The module is about 2 inches square and lives on the airbox lid, with a connector either side. Its only held on with 2 screws so is easy to change. I got mine from AMD in Bicester, I think it was about £90 or so.

    I hope it is the same module. The Haynes manual calls it the 'power output stage for ignition coils module'.

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