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1.9tdi vs 2.4 petrol .. hmmmm.... interesting..

imported_CurryMilkShake Jan 4, 2005

  1. So my 15k miler tdi 130 is in for its first service today - and theyve given me a 6k mileage 2.4 petrol with the same multitronic gearbox as a loaner..

    First impressions: well, I did like the engine note as it started - felt quite encouraged.. also nice to note slightly less of a lag on the multitronic when pulling away - not a massive difference but some. Thought to myself - this is going to be a good day!

    But - a few journeys later, I am really unconvinced. I havent looked at what the actual differences in characteristics are, but, I cant wait to get my diesel back! I dont believe the petrol is any quicker, it certainly doesnt feel it, and it makes MUCH more of a fuss about everything.. it really feels like there is a lot less torque, you have to wait for the engine to wind up a lot more before it does anything.. the petrol isnt slow, but for me the diesel is a much more relaxing and smoother drive, more responsive at lower revs and a more pleasant and fun experience!

    I'm really pleased - its nice to have the comparison though! other differences - this car hasnt got the multitronic gearbox controls on the wheel - I wouldnt have thought I would miss that, but i obviously use that more than I thought! Parking sensors - ugh - glad I dont have those! its an avant, quite happy with that but the worst thing BAR NONE... the colour - Have been mocked several times for bringing a purple car into the company car park (its akoya silver) compared to my atlas grey - for which i have yet to receive a negative comment! (Bring em on, then!)

    Regards, Ben
  2. tboy

    tboy Member

    I know what you mean about low down punch. I've come from a Civic Type-R which are renowned for having to wind up the revs, the result being if you have been driving a TDi for a while, and slip back behind the wheel of the Civic, it does feel "flat", although it obviously glides up the rev range with more and more urgency, where the TDi kinda pushes you a long, then dies out, which in it's own way is disappointing.

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