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1.9tdi vs 1.9tdi Quattro ??

ruffrida May 15, 2013

  1. ruffrida

    ruffrida Well-Known Member

    Hi Ya'll.

    Been looking for a while now at various A4 Estates, i would go back to a A3 8L but with a growing family it is just not sutible anymore.

    After speaking to a few people on here i am getting more of a feel for the quattro model, but what are the main differences.

    MPG Comparison?
    Power Delivery?
    Insurance Prices?
    Overall Driver ability?

    I am also tempted by the 2.5 v6 tdi but a lot of people have said they can be thirsty? As i am a sales rep and my car is also my office i need the quality MPG.

    Look forward to all your advise, good and bad is always welcome,

  2. crazy88

    crazy88 Loving the anonymity

    If you're after mpg then it'll be the 1.9tdi all the way.

    As for quattro vs fwd, the quattro will lose you a few mpg, but they drive like they're on rails apparently, and come into their own in winter conditions. Get a manual too, the auto's have more problems apparently.
  3. NickB

    NickB New Member

    Can't speak for the Quattro but I had a 1.9TDi A4 Avant for almost 9 years and never really missed the 4 wheel drive. It still cornered like it was on rails - wet or dry. I came from a 2001 S3 and wasn't too disappointed with the change.

    I was hauling **** between Cardiff & Bracknell on a daily basis and got 68000 miles out of the rear Dunlop 9090s that came with the car. Doubt that a Quattro would have managed that. I got about 25000/corner doing the same journey in the S3, although I was a bit more of a hooligan in that ;)
  4. swarcup

    swarcup Well-Known Member

    Not sure how you cant speak for the quattro but never missed it suggests he had one confused? If you need fuel economy don't even think about the 2.5. best you will see is around 40mpg on the motorway and 32ish in towns.The best one will be the 1.9tdi in the 100 hp. If you dont want speed that is. If you want to go faster the 1.9 tdi 130hp will be the best choice. Quattro does cost you a bit on the mpg but what a lot of people seem to think is it only works in winter when actually it performs better in the wet which seems to be all year nowadays
  5. palfy86

    palfy86 Active Member Audi A4

    Well ive got the 1.9 tdi 130 quattro saloon and i cant fault it. On the 11mile commute i usually see 42mpg on the DIS. Ive also had 56mpg on a steady run to skeg. As for the Quattro system its awesome in the snow etc never had a problem even though its on 19" boots. Hope this helps.
  6. NickB

    NickB New Member

    Did you read the whole post?

    I had an S3 prior to the FWD Avant. I didn't miss the Quattro in the Avant based on my prior experience with the S3. Still confused?
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  7. sammi

    sammi Active Member

    We had a 2.5 180bhp tdi Quattro a few years ago, was a lovely car and brought us into the wonderful world of Audi. It was a lovely car to drive and I really loved the Quattro. Evntually after a few problems including a wet foot well and usual b6 problems We weighed up our options and decided that we could get a little less mpg from a pertrol car but pay less to fill it up so made the decision mainly because of the price of diesel to get a petrol car. My advice to you would be if it's all about mpg get a 1.9d and if u prefer petrol cars get a petrol 2.0t :)
  8. Mike B

    Mike B Well-Known Member

    I thought an S3 was 2wd most of the time
  9. ruffrida

    ruffrida Well-Known Member

    Nice 1 Peeps,the 1.9 is defo the way forward then, quattro aswel, awesome!!

    I could never go for the 100hp version though, me 8L was a 110 and it did not stay like that for long as it was flat as !!

    Cheers again, hopefully be finding the right one soon enough then i will be back for mod ideas
  10. spartacus 68

    spartacus 68 Active Member quattro Audi A2 Audi Avant Owner Group

    The A4 Avant isn't that big as estates go, especially if your kids are older. Rear legroom is tight, compared to a Passat or A6. Also the B6 model (2001-2004) are now getting on for at least 9 years old, so finding anything under 100k is nigh impossible. Incidentally the A4 1.9TDI quattro avant is extremely difficult to find. Opt for manual drive and insist on FSH including cam belt and water-pump change (every 60k).

    Not sure my B5 2.5TDI quattro avant sport would be my daily drive and office too. I commute every week, roughly 250 miles, so get 40-44mpg. A full tank gives me 530 miles (£75 diesel). That's A-class roads with a little stop start traffic. On the plus side its silky smooth power delivery, goes round corners on rails and pulls like a locomotive. The B6 180PS looks great, and doesn't need a power chip upgrade in my opinion, its fine in stock mode.

    The B5 or B6 V6 is perfect for motorway cruising, but avoid town driving. It drinks like a fish and with sport springs the ride is a little harsh. It's not just day-to-day economy figures... check out road tax charges too. These engines have high CO2 emissions compared to more modern cars.

    If economy and comfort is important, go for 100PS - 130PS model and SE spec, and ensure suspension has been done. On older cars the original suspension will be tired, so tell-tale knocks and clunks are a sure sign one of the many suspension links needs renewed. Test drive over sleeping policemen, hard lock to hard lock in supermarket car park, and check tyre wear over surface of tyre. Quattro a tend to crab at hard lock, but that's a quattro trait - so nothing to worry about.
    Last edited: May 15, 2013
  11. swarcup

    swarcup Well-Known Member

    Soz dude obviously not well enough
  12. ruffrida

    ruffrida Well-Known Member

    Nice 1 Spartacus, this is very helpful, i have looked at a few A6's (bit big) and a few Passats as ya can get a 06 plate for the same money as a 03 plate A4 Avant quattro. But love me audis.

    Will be taking all the above info when it comes to test drive and purchase day.

    This would so quite nicely ! 53reg AUDI A4 TDI QUATTRO SPORT AUTO MET BLUE | eBay
  13. archemist

    archemist Active Member VCDS Map User Team Brilliant Black Audi S3

    Just to add to what spartacus says above (good advice)

    The 2.5 quattro (like mine) will give 40 and a bit mpg if driven carefully day to day (but not if you spend an hour+ queuing in traffic). It's a perfect long range car and will eat A-road mileage.

    They're all heavy barges, the quattro drive reduces the apparent heaviness (understeer) of the front end somewhat but at 3-5 mpg cost.

    Sports are 20mm lower and a bit harsher but look right. Factor in the cost of, potential, lowering if you buy an SE.

    As above all are getting on a bit. Meticulous servicing would be an ideal. 2.5's have cam problems (lots of threads and big £££), auto-boxes have some problems, manuals have dmf failures (clutch + dmf is £££).

    If you're thinking of a 2.5 message adams24 here who can take them apart with his eyes closed and sometimes has one for sale.

    good luck hunting:thumbsup:
  14. Ian2012

    Ian2012 Active Member

    My 2ps worth buy quattro, i have 130 diesel after driving quattro for many years, in the dry it's ok in the wet bloody awful too much wheel spin traction control for my liking, thought about chipping it but no point if you can't get the traction. So it's back to quattro for me when funds allow,a 1.9 quattro re mapped to 160hp ish would be a great car
  15. ruffrida

    ruffrida Well-Known Member

    Cheers lads, really can not fault this forum, bloody love it!

    After all the advise a 1.9 Quattro will do nicely, just got to find one now at the right money as said before they are becoming a rare beast, especially a nice 1 or one with FSH.

    I have a brother in law in the Auction game so got him keeping his eyes out, they may be a little battered some of em but 9/10 they have FASH, so a bit of bosy work damage really dont bother me.

    Thanks again
  16. AlexGSi2000

    AlexGSi2000 Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    Some sound advice given above - the 1.9 quattro should keep the MPG figures fairly good, with the added bonus of AWD.

    I purchased my 2.5TDi Quattro 13 months ago, I commute around 350 miles per week for work & also drive for pleasure.
    When I purchased the car, I did not know about some of the common issues the 2.5TDi's had - unfortunately it cost me a fair amount as it turned out the car developed the symptoms of worn camshafts a few months after I purchased it.
    I have carried out a few modifications which make the car a little more "fun" on the twisties (RS4 anti-roll bar, Coilovers.etc)
    Now the main issues have been addressed and is maintained pretty well, I have no reason to believe it wont carry on for another 150,000 miles and have no plans to sell up any time soon!
  17. audilad9

    audilad9 Member

    As a 1.9 quattro owner, I agree with all said above too. The 130 engine is great in stock tune, they often have more power than this from factory,but with a little fettling even just a good remap, its a very drivable car, 170-180 bhp with no adverse effect on fuel, except when you tend to enjoy the useable power more, like most of the time ! Drive a fwd and then a quattro on a B road and the difference is easily noticeable, with quattro the front end stays, more power tucks it in tighter. Wet weather and snow is where quattros slight extra fuel cost realy pays for itself.
    As said by others sport suspension is hard especialy on bigger rims, our terrible roads show this up and make SE spec seem like a better bet for a car mostly on major roads. As a rather keen driver though, the sport handles fantasticaly on the twisties and I would not change it.
    Great cars, had mine nearly 4 years. Wont sell it.
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