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1.9TDi Sport

robby Jan 19, 2010

  1. robby

    robby Active Member

    I've been looking for a 2.0tdi sport for a couple of weeks and after reading about all the problems they suffer from it has put me off.
    is the 1.9 problem free (i know it's slower but maybe it can be remapped?) or does this suffer as well?

  2. jb0o

    jb0o North East Forum Moderator Regional Rep Site Sponsor VCDS Map User

    I had my 1.9 for 8 months without a single problem, was a cracking motor too.

    Remapped they will be on par with a 2.0TDI.

    The 1.9TDI is 103bhp and 11sec (approx) and I've got a 1.6FSI now, (113bhp and 10.4 sec) and the TDI felt much faster, simply because of all the torque.
  3. robby

    robby Active Member

    Why are other VAG 1.9s 130bhp - fabia VRS, A4, Leon, etc and the A3 is 103bhp?
    What sort of bhp, torque will a remap give?
    Is the 1.9 a quiet and smooth engine?

    more questions to come :)
  4. jameo84

    jameo84 Member

    Iv got a 1.9 and not had any problems with it with 40k+miles on an 54
    I believe the older VAG 1.9 had 130 and a six speed box, but the 2.0 replaced this on on the newer models, thinks its the same with the golf and caddy they just took longer to catch up with what audi were doing.

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