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1.9TDI smoking under acceleration???

benny-g Mar 28, 2010

  1. benny-g

    benny-g New Member

    Afternoon, have a slight problem....well to be honest i dont know if it is or not.

    I have a 96 B5 1.9TDI 110, its doen 130k now has had two turbos in its life the last one within 7-8k miles.

    My problem is that when i accelerate it chuffs out black smoke, not blue oily smoke, just sooty black stuff. The harder you accelerate the worse it does it, normal cruising or on tickover there is nothing visible form the exhaust, just under heavy acceleration.

    Why is it doing this? There seems to be no loss of power, it pulls very well, still does a gazillion miles to the gallon etc. Another thing is that i have an MOT to gte through in the middle of May, will it fail on emissions or anything because of this or do they just test it on tickover??

    Any help will be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. OldRedEyes

    OldRedEyes Member

    It's a diesel, unless it is fitted with a dpf ( it won't be) that's what happens. If it's really bad then your pump timing might be out, but you will probably have to wait and see. I do assume as it's an old car this will be adjustable unlike on the modern one's.

    At the MOT they will floor it for the test
  3. benny-g

    benny-g New Member

    Does that mean it will fail the MOT? What exactly do they measure, just CO2? in which case it should be ok no?

    Basically i can live with it but if its going to fail the MOT i'll get it looked at now.
  4. Mike B

    Mike B Well-Known Member

    I agree that you may not need to worry.I got my first diesel last july a 2.5 quattro which my son drove fairly hard home down the mway and I followed .It seemed to do the same as yours and Ican see the smoke when flooring it myself but it performs and gives good mpg and is not using oil so I dont see any cause to be concerned unless it gets worse.Ithad just passed its MOT so I presume it wont be a problem this july but will have to wait and see !

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