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1.9tdi problem

dvalve1 Feb 13, 2013

  1. dvalve1

    dvalve1 New Member

    hi guys, after swapping cars for a day after a flat on my a3, i was alarmed by the lack of power on my dads a4 1.9tdi 115. No turbo pickup and stuggling to keep up 60 on an inline on the m1. ive done some research on here and dont think its fitted with a dpf and have been told its an issue with the turbo. The cars is used for very few local miles vey much start stop with very little oil warming before setting off, have been advised to add a turbo cleaner to the fuel and take on a run otherwise its a new turbo. any advice please...thanks in advance.
  2. mattyb6

    mattyb6 Active Member

    Have a look in the DIY + GUIDES thread and click on the 1.9tdi turbo veins thread and the clean egr and intake thread
    follow these an it could help you out.

    Plus get a vagcom on it. Scan for codes + faults
  3. demus

    demus Fire in the hole..

    Mass air flow sensor as well maybe... while mine was buggered it would struggle with slight hills!! disconnect it and see if there is an improvement..
  4. stu_m

    stu_m Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    disconnecting a MAF sends it in to limp home mode and wont help with diagnostics if you go get a scan do not unplug the MAF

    first things first is to get a scan it takes all the guess work out of it

    if nothing shows up on the scan then check all vacuum lines to the turbo and find the guide for cleaning the turbo with Mr Muscle oven cleaner

    you can always stick a bit of pipe on the actuator and suck and feel for the actuator arm moving it will move if its free if not then there's your problem
  5. dvalve1

    dvalve1 New Member

    thanks for your time, views, been told by the garage that its defo a turbo clog up issue, Was advised by the guy who looked at it to try a bottle or two of forte turbo cleaner additive to try and flush out some crud. your views or just mr muscle it although im an amateur at car diy, quick learner though. Anything i should be doing in my A3 2.0Tdi to prevent the same....do 2x 25 mile commute daily on the m1 around 80, is that sufficient enough to keep everything in order or too low revving to get rid of the waste? cant say ive seen much out of the exhaust if i use the right foot.
  6. AudidriverA4

    AudidriverA4 Member

    Slightly off topic but if your turbo is working perfectly (I think) would there be any benefit to doing the mr muscle turbo cleaning?

    Or would it be a case of if it aint broke leave it alone the best procedure ?
  7. crazy88

    crazy88 Loving the anonymity

    The Mr muscle isn't too hard to do, there's good guides on here for it. I'm on my phone now so it's difficult to find links. For the sake of a few quid and few hours it's definitely worth a try though. I'm no mechanic and didn't particularly struggle with it.

    As for your a3, I'd reckon the regular 25 miles drive would be fine, but if you're not convinced just drop it down a gear every now and again ha.

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