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1.9TDi (PD) - Timing belt Tensioner, Pointer moved

Dibs_h Oct 22, 2012

  1. Dibs_h

    Dibs_h New Member

    I changed the timing belt on my B6 Avant on Sunday and got here in the end. The pointer was set in the middle of the "gap", turned the engine by hand more than 2 times and everything locked up nicely, cam and crank.

    Started the car and it started up fine - left it idling for 5 or so mins whilst I plugged VCDS in to check the Torsion Value\Synchro Angle in measuring block 4 and it's now -0.6 instead of 0. Which I'll fix tomorrow. Engine seemed fine, no weird noises.

    However, having tuned the engine off & looking at the tensioner (top timing cover & engine cover haven't been fitted yet) - the pointer on the timing belt tensioner has moved out of the gap to the right and is towards the edge of the back plate - about 4-5mm movement in total. The "hook" is in the block and fully engaged.

    Is this OK or do I need to strip the car down and redo the timing?

    Any comments\help would be appreciated before I start running the car in a day or so.


  2. Dibs_h

    Dibs_h New Member

    Checked the tensioner this morning (cold engine) using an endoscope to get a proper view and it was just to the right of the gap, so thought that having come across a few mentions last night on the web that upto 5mm is acceptable and should sort itself out as the belt will stretch\settle in.

    Also checked the lug with the endoscope and it was fully home - so started the engine, which started straight away.

    Been down to Brum and back (250 miles) and no issues of any kind and the car feels spot on.

    I plan to leave it till the weekend and check the Torsion value and see if it has changed from -0.6. Also be interesting to see if the pointer comes back closer to the middle.

  3. BA4

    BA4 Member

    Yea it's perfectly normal for them to move as if you look at it with engine runnin it does be movin back and forth
  4. 666markyboy

    666markyboy Well-Known Member

    This reminds me i ment to re-check the Torsion Value\Synchro Angle again on mine after having run it for a couple of months after doing my belt.... what figure are you aiming for ??? i set mine to eactly zero when i did the belt as this seemed to give the smoothest tickover however beforehand it was set to around -0.5 which seemed to maybe give a little better mpg ( Hard to tell ) but that could be down to the old belt stretching .... whats the ideal setting ??
  5. stu_m

    stu_m Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    as close to zero as possible i believe

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