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1.9Tdi - Oil Cooler

Dibs_h Sep 25, 2012

  1. Dibs_h

    Dibs_h New Member

    Changing a headlight bulb the other day - I had a general once over in the engine bay and noticed pale pinkish dried residue around where the coolant pipe connects to the oil\water heat exchanger. It's been there as long as I've owned the car (2yrs and 30k I've put on the clock). Not large amounts and the coolant level doesn't require topping up much - I can't remember the last time I topped it up this year.

    But doing the timing belt\water pump in the next few weeks and wondered whether it's advisable to replace the oil cooler? The coolant is clean and the oil is fine - just wondering whether worth doing given the mileage (145k) and the fact that it will be a little more work when doing the timing belt\water pump.



    p.s. The car is a 53 plate 130 sport avant - if it makes any difference.

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