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1.9TDi 130 loss of power

Slinger Dec 19, 2010

  1. Slinger

    Slinger Member

    I've just had to take a trip to the next town and on my way back when joining the motorway the car would hardly accelerate. The turbo sounds like its operating as it should but it felt like the car was being restricted. I know I'm not giving much to go on here but does anyone have a slight idea what might be wrong please?

  2. navnayyar

    navnayyar Member

    sounds like limp mode, could be for a number of reasons. best to run it on diagnostics first. usually a sensor map or maf, sometimes can be stick vanes in turbo or actuator rod. Do you get the power back when you restart the car, take key out and restart?
  3. Slinger

    Slinger Member

    The wife has just driven it to the supermarket and said it was fine, though with her obviously being a woman (no offence ladies) I'll hold judgment until I've had a chance to drive it myself again which isnt going to be until tomorrow.
  4. scott b

    scott b Active Member VCDS Map User

    recommend getting the turbo cleaned, PSI tuning do this service whilst you wait, there based in stoke
  5. paul20v

    paul20v Audi fanatic

    i wouldnt jump at this it is a fault but not as much of one as everyone jumps on
    as said you need a diagnostic to check actual values of
    MAP sensor
    Air mass meter
    you also need to check all the small vacuum pipes as they can also stop the turbo vanes operating properly
    which then brings you also to the turbo vain actuation valve also known as an N75 valve these also give up
    the turbo would be my last port of call as the do give trouble sometimes but not as much as the above .

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