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1.9TDI 115BHP - Smokey Exhaust

doogleman Oct 29, 2009

  1. doogleman

    doogleman Member

    Hi All,
    Sold the B6 130BHP and bought a B7 115BHP. Love the car but noticed the back of the car getting quite black.
    I had this in the B6 one time and it turned out to be a pipe going to the turbo was cracked.
    Looked at the pipes on this yoke thinking it would be the same problem but no obvious cracks. Found a small hole (someone already tried to seal) in the bottom of the intercooler but plugged it and sealed it with filler.
    Still seams to be quite smokey but running and boosting fine. Lot less power than the old B6 130bhp but I suppose that is expected.

    Any ideas lads?

    Cheer in advance,


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