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1.9tdi 105bhp REMAP

RKA3 Apr 13, 2011

  1. RKA3

    RKA3 New Member

    I know this topic has probably been done to death but I have my concerns any comments appreciated?

    I have an A3 (8P) 1.9 TDI Sport 105bhp with 41000k. The remap I am looking at is 150bhp/255lbft and my concern is that level of additional torque could lead to clutch slip then to a new clutch or other problems with turbo etc. I could put an improved clutch in aswell but that's pushing up the price.

    I would rather have a custom remap similar to VAG's 1.9tdi 130bhp/229lbft. I would assume this can be done on a custom remap, however what about uprated Fuel Injectors, Fuel Pump etc to deal with the extra power increase or is the stock set up the same in VAG's 130 as the 105?

    The car really needs some extra extra boost its too sluggish and it only has 41K on the clock so it should be more than good for the reduced figures hopefully with no additional kit.

    any comments?
  2. kirsty76

    kirsty76 Member

    i have the same engine car and it has been remapped since 51k and now has 60k on it and i have had no problems with clutch or anything, i think it is now putting out about 140 bhp but not sure as a friend did my car for cost price.

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