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1.9 TDi Water Pump Interval

andyherd Apr 15, 2013

  1. andyherd

    andyherd Member

    Hey folks,

    Haven't been on the forum in a while but back in an Audi now in the shape of a '56 plate A3 1.9 TDi Sportback.

    One of the stipulations when I bought it from the garage was the timing belt, tensioners and water pump where changed as it's just done 80k and has not previously been done. I picked it up at the weekend after the work was done by a specialist in Glasgow. After checking my reciept for the work today it only mentions the belt and tensioners, no pump. Strange, I thought, so a quick double check by phoning them won't go amiss. I was told the water pump was not changed because it showed no signs of free play or leaking. Can anyone confirm or deny this to be the correct action?

    I ask as I previously owned a '00 Golf 110bhp TDI that I had the pump done on at the same time as the belt and tensioners. However this, I believe, was because of the plastic impeller on the original wearing down and possibly failing so it was upgraded to a metal impeller. Could it be that my A3 has a metal impeller as standard and/or is checking it as mentioned above ok even if it is plastic?

  2. thebambam

    thebambam P.I.M.P

    You dont have to get the waterpump done but its recommended. Ive just had mine done at stoke audi (fantastic job) but didnt need waterpump was fine.
  3. TimG

    TimG Active Member

    Its not so much a case of its not broken now, but the wear and tear of 80k will put it that much closer to breaking sooner and then its another 300 + for the same job to be repeated! Im not sure if audi make the metal impeller pumps themselves do they? Be intereseted to know as they would be doing themselves out of some work making something that lasts!
  4. andyherd

    andyherd Member

    I spoke to Edinburgh Audi as the last service was done there and I wanted further details on it so thought I'd ask their view on the waterpump. Audi strongly recommend having it replaced when having the timing belt changed purely because it's only an extra £78 to get the waterpump on top of the timing belt cost but the waterpump has no service interval and should it fail it's another £400 to do it, plus a visual inspection can't determine the internal condition. I did also mention the plastic/metal impeller and it would seem the original part is still a plastic item.

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