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1.9 tdi vacuum pipes

MooLard Jan 5, 2014

  1. MooLard

    MooLard Member

    Afternoon! I had a bit of time to spare after bleeding my,brakes today so I went to replace my vacuum pipes with silicone stuff that I had bought ages ago. The upper ones weren't too bad to replace by removing the drivers headlight and the air intake ducting, but two things:
    The turbo actuator solenoid is really hard to reach! Is it easier to reach from the underside? I'll have to try that another day.
    The turbo and EGR pipes look thicker and shaped for the job, I opted not to replace these as they looked in great condition.

    Has anyone else done this?
  2. Ralphthemouth

    Ralphthemouth Active Member

    I replaced the pipes I could reach. As regards to the N75 I managed to get a ratchet down between the timing belt cover and radiator and undid the two bolts holding it on. Then its free enough to take the pipes off. There was one pipe that seemed to run down under the engine from here which I couldn't trace or reach so left that one. I deleted my egr and just stuck a bolt on the end of that vacuum pipe. Its 5mm if I recall. And the rest are 3mm.

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