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1.9 TDI Oil & Filter Change

N11KDJ Apr 1, 2013

  1. N11KDJ

    N11KDJ Active Member

    Firstly, apologies for asking a simple question that must have popped up a load of times but I'm going to change my oil & filter and wanted to know which oil I should buy as the specs seem to keep changing. My car has been serviced every 10k miles but I'm going to do oil every 5k from now on as it's on 165k miles now.

    I'll get the filter & sump plug from the dealer, any special tools required to change the filter or does it just twist off? Is is worth getting the oil from them too as I get 10% off parts at my local dealer.
  2. Mike.M

    Mike.M Well-Known Member

    Get a 5ltr oil can...... Just changed mine from long life servicing to fixed so now using the VW quantum platinum oil.

    I invested in the large oil filter socket that the tdis need to prevent damage to the plastic housing and makes oil changes quite easy.

    Otherwise an easy job and like any other car to change the oil
  3. chris1008

    chris1008 Member

    In the Autodata book it lists 5w40, 5w30, 10w40 as an option for these diesels. long life services I would use the long life no ash stuff but seeing as you are like me and change the oil and filter every 6 months or fixed service 10k then it's up to you really,ordinary oil is good for that milage.

    Mine gets no frills 10w40, it's cheaper too but in 6 months it will cover approx 4-5k
  4. yendall24

    yendall24 Member

    ordinary oil is good for that mileage no its not it as to be pd specific and as got to meet vw spec . i use castrol edge 5w30 with fst it is long life oil but i change mine about every 8 to 9000 miles which is once a year for me . you can use quantum platinum this is pd specific or quantum longlife 3 which again is for longlife service do not use any oil that is not 504.01 in this engine and the best spec for this engine is 507.00 . the injectors run a huge presures and this is why vw audi recommend pd specific engine oil
  5. moggie93

    moggie93 Member

    Please use oil designed for pd engines. Failure to do so may result in camshaft and follower wear. This may result in a bill of £5-£600 pounds to get the cam and followers replaced. I'm talking from experience, as I had this problem after inheriting a golf with the 150 arl engine.
  6. N11KDJ

    N11KDJ Active Member

    Cheers guys, thanks for the replies. I think I'll go with Quantum Platinum , seen a few vids a looks very straightforward , I've done thermostat , wiper linkage & had the EGR valve off myself so seems like a waste of money to pay a mechanic to service it.
  7. crazy88

    crazy88 Loving the anonymity

    The 1.9tdi is very easy to service. Have you got the oil filter cap removal tool? It's like a huge socket basically. I broke my dipstick funnel trying to remove the oil filter cap by hand and had to go buy the tool and a new funnel. :)

    Good luck with it.

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