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1.9 TDI Avant Quattro Sport

vwlt Feb 7, 2012

  1. vwlt

    vwlt New Member


    Just curious what mileage people are getting to before the big bills start. I have 154k (boughts it with 49k) with full service history and regular oil/filter changes as well as timing belts/water pumps as required.

    Just wondering when do the big things start to give grief i.e. turbos, clutches, injectors, drive train etc

    I have already done fuel pump, shock, engine mount, temperature sensor, power steering tensioner and am trying to determine when it becomes false economy and whether I should be looking at a B7 ....

    Thanks for any info ....
  2. jbcalvin

    jbcalvin Member

    Turbo's should be fine if serviced regularly, clutches will depend on your driving style (I think someone here has done nearly 200k on the original) and the drivetrain is pretty much bombproof.....

    You could buy a low mileage B7 that's been abused and end up spending a fortune on it.....
  3. vorsprung dork

    vorsprung dork Member

    iive got a 1.9tdi quatrro! had it 5 years its on 106 k bought it with 61k i have every recipt with it from new! up to now it has had 1 temp sensor 1 alternator pully! and that is it! it was remaped to 170 bhp 4 years ago and is still on the same disks and pads as when i bought it with no brake warnig lights it has sailed threw every mot and has never let me down! it gets a good thrashing at least once a week an is used daily! the battery is original it gets serviced by me once a year ! but i took it straight off longlife servicing at 60 k it on betwwen 8k to 10k servicing as ive been told this protects the turbo!

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