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1.9 Tdi 1998 diesel pump running low pressure

awayfar Jul 4, 2006

  1. awayfar

    awayfar New Member

    Just need to ask a quick question. I just know about the basics for the car, I apologise for using non technical words.

    I just got a A4 1.9 tdi 1998 from my friend, he told me that he had a check up by putting it on computer...[not PC :) ] and found out the diesel pump is running on low pressure, that is why the orange coil (heater) light keeps on blinking all the times.
    He arranged the pump for me, when I took it to local garage the guy told me it need to be reprogrammed with the chip on the key. Another guy told me that it is to be synchronized with engine, between pump and engine, nothing to do with chip on the key.

    Please advise what is the actual thing, and what need to be done?
    And how many hours will it take to replace diesel pump.Bcz the guy told me that he gona charge me something around 200£ + reprogramming charges by audi dealer

    Your replies are highly appreciated.

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