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1.9 tdi 130 bhp vs 2.5 tdi 160 bhp

p1tse Mar 13, 2011

  1. p1tse

    p1tse Member

    so the 1.9 tdi i would assume cheaper to insure and tax?
    1.9tdi better fuel, not too different to 0-60 and performance etc.

    so what's the point of the 2.5tdi apart from the more torque for those who need to pull stuff like trailers, caravans?
  2. quattrojames

    quattrojames Moderator Staff Member Moderator Audi A6 Audi Avant Owner Group

    The 4 and 6 cylinders are worlds apart in my opinions, for smoothness and noise. The fwd 2.5 is 163 bhp (on the later models at least) - quite a step up from the 130 really. I think that's the point.
  3. simon.m

    simon.m Active Member

    id have to say the get up and go is going to be a lot faster in the 2.5 more so when you needing to over take
  4. swarcup

    swarcup Well-Known Member

    i had a passenger in mine the other day who questioned whether it was actually a diesel as it was so smooth and undiesely

    ASHIHARA Member

    Tax for 1,9tdi is 180£ per year,or 99£ for 6months;insurance is not expensive at all.
    I don`t know for 2,5tdi.
  6. yendall24

    yendall24 Member

    my car is the 130 tdi on an 04 plate and it actually £155 a year for tax . i have owned both the 130 and the 180 bhp a4's the 2.5 is a couple of unsurance groups higher definately heavier on fuel . in my humble oppinion i think the 130 is the best engine very economical if driven sensibily and bullet proof also a considerable amount cheaper to fix if things do go wrong also two hundred quid could get you a good remap that can get you 170 bhp . but this is only my oppinion
  7. a4 cabrio

    a4 cabrio Member

    i had a mk4 golf 130 tdi, i loved it, yes the tax is cheap, yes the mpg is great and yes it is virtually bullet proof, but having just bought a a4 cabriolet 2.5 tdi, i gotta say the difference is vast, the 2.5 is so much smoother, i am getting 8-10 mpg less with the 2.5, but i love driving it, its really quiet when on the move. the torque is great as well, i was considering getting it remapped but dont think i am going to bother.

    changing things like the cambelt will be dear on a 2.5, near double what the 1.9 would cost.

    but i dont regret changing at all, good luck in what ever you choose
  8. p1tse

    p1tse Member

    having had big petrol engine, turbo VAG petrol, i've done the performance thing up to a point and think the balance of mpg and performance is important and think the 1.9tdi would suit my needs better
  9. a4 cabrio

    a4 cabrio Member

    you were on to a no loser there mate, which ever you chose. the are both great engines in my opinion.
  10. adamss24

    adamss24 Well-Known Member

    The big v6 will still return decent Mpg even when driven really hard. I cannot get mine under 25-27 Mpg and that's on a b5 v6 tdi quattro, with 18" alloys and with a far from standard engine...Whatever you wanna buy, take a long test drive in both... I also had big power petrol engines (still own a golf Mk3 Vr6 with a corado engine just for weekend fun) and they would return shocking Mpg (the golf would return under 9 Mpg when driven hard but it sounds sublime) when booted hard. I found the v6 tdi a decent compromise between power and economy and they respond really well to mods (allmost inexistent aftermarket)...A pd wont tune over 160-165 Bhp whatever the tunner tells you on stock hardware and they will eat clutches fairly quick. I have yet to see a failed clutch on a v6 tdi...

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