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1.9 tdi 115PD EGR Cooler?

martin_addlestone Apr 5, 2013

  1. Hi guys - a few weekends ago I decided to give old Evil Scottsman's Mr Mucle cleaner trick a wizz and to my horror found that beneath that plastic TDi cover my EGR setup looked majorly different to the pics in his post - mainly because there is, what i can only assume, is an EGR cooling system in there. Now, i tried to persevere through, took me two days (on and off) in the rain and snow to strip it down to gain access to the hole in the manifold so I could thread in my tube and spray. I even bought the Innotec cleaning kit to ensure I did the best job I could but not only are the manifold hole and the turbo hole well out of line (in the pics in his link they were below one another) so the whole threading in bit was near impossible, the end result was, well, nothing! (Think I may have not got the tube into the turbo, but no way to tell) - gutted!

    Anyway, my main reason for this post is to ask if it is easy enough to just remove all of that EGR cooling setup, blank off the inlet and outlet and the water pipes and have a nice clean bay.

    I am planning to have the turbo recon’d / replaced (given my failure to clean it) so will be stripping it all down again in May (when Mrs is on Holiday) to do that (Mr’s will have to keep doing her 5 miles a week with no boost till then!) so would like to look at removing the EGR etc at the same time.

    Would also be interested to hear if there are any other simple (ish) and cost effective mods I should be considering at the same time bearing in mind this is the wifes car and it’s also an Auto – for example should I be putting a different turbo / manifold etc since I am taking mine off anyway?

    So, confirmation on the removal of the EGR system and how to do it on my engine would be wonderful and any other tips / trick worth considering when replacing the turbo would be a great bonus


    P.S., I am no mechanic so dummy terms appreciated ;-)
  2. Bjørn Halvorsen

    Bjørn Halvorsen New Member

    Did you get some answers to this - or solutions ??

  3. TeKnodriver

    TeKnodriver Biodiesel Purrrr

    ((depending on year of car you may be better-off posting in the B6 section))

    I blocked mine (1998) using ebay EGR blanking plates - less than a fiver.

    I believe yours would be a post 2001 engine, so you would probs need a 'EGR delete kit' such as the Darkside one.
    this replaces the EGR assembly that bolts to inlet manifold with a piece of ally tubing.

    why are you replacing turbo - do you have loss of power / fault codes?

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