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1.9 130bhp thick black smoke

mark a4 tdi May 12, 2009

  1. mark a4 tdi

    mark a4 tdi New Member

    when the turbo kicks in it puffs thick black smoke its got a chip on the fuel temp sensor its been on for about 3years but only started the past few days any ideas. an what big turbos could i fit as a upgrade
  2. evilscotsman

    evilscotsman Space Cowboy

    try taking the "chip" off mate, its only a simple resistor and it'll be on the IAT (inlet air temp) sensor, there isnt a fuel temp sensor. It fools the car into thinking its cold and hence on full enrichment, like running with the choke on (if you remember what a choke is lol) - to see if that cures it, else it could be the IAT itself, the MAP sensor, MAF meter or a leaking injector.

    Big turbo for a diseasel, hmmm don't know but BT kits are well expensive, like £3k and needs a remap on rolling road gear to set up. Never known anyone to BT a diesel but its possible I suppose.

    The turbo seals could be leaking too and its maybe burning the engine oil....have you checked the oil level since this started? If its that then it can use up its own oil and go bang....:( tho that would add blue smoke to the black diesel smoke so maybe not so likely if its just thick black and only on hard acceleration.

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