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1.8TQ suspension

Pontio Mar 13, 2005

  1. Pontio

    Pontio Member

    Hello there everybody. I have reached the stage were i am now going to get a lowered/stiffened suspension for my car. Should i go for fully adjustable or a fixed drop and damping? there are the obvious advantages but i'd only leave it in one setting for the rest of its life anyway.. I dont only want the drop for looks but for handling also.
    I have 225/40/18 rubber on my car on ET 35 so how low can i go without problems?
    I am considering uprating my rear anti roll bar too, any recommendations?
    Sorry for the long and boring post, all help appreciated.
    Thanks in advance
  2. waveform2

    waveform2 * J e d i *

    Might be worth a search this was recently discussed if i get time later i'll have a search and post a link. What car a3/a4? if a4 b5/b6?

    Cheers /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/beerchug.gif
  3. Pontio

    Pontio Member

    A3 8L. thanks for the reply
  4. Grant

    Grant Well-Known Member VCDS Map User Audi RS3

    A well proven successful suspension set up is:

    Bilstein or Koni shocks
    Eibach or H&R springs

    Neuspeed front and rear anti-roll bars or VW Golf 4Motion rear anti-roll bar

    All depends how much you have to spend. If money is no object and you want a great setup, go for the Neuspeed front and rear ARBs, Bilstein shocks and EIbach or H&R springs. That setup along with some negative camber will have you wondering why you didn't do it sooner!

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