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1.8tq bex rocker cover gasket

tom2 Jan 21, 2014

  1. tom2

    tom2 Member

    Eurocarbits weekend sale inspired me to do a quick mini service on the car today, more fool me!

    changed the spark plugs and air filter, also flushed the coolant again to get rid of the last bits of oil after oil cooler leak.

    problem 1 - the sump plug will NOT loosen
    problem 2 - oily plugs, seems to be only on the ceramic, not the electrode end. (Was also on the thread but I'm presuming that's from unscrewing them through the puddle of oil in the holes, there's no smoke from the exhaust anyway)

    anyway, I'm off work tomorrow so I'm determined to attack it,

    has anybody changed a rocker cover on one of these, is it really as straight forward as peoples write ups suggest?

    Also, tips for the sump plug removal anyone?


    p.s. The pic below shows the bad one and the depth of the oily puddle on the socket, the others weren't half as bad and the electrodes were dry and clean.
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  2. tom2

    tom2 Member

  3. s3tby

    s3tby Member

    Rocker cover is as easy as the write ups suggest. Don't waste time and money on a non genuine cheapo eBay gasket otherwise you'll be doing the same job after 8k miles like I did.

    The oil on your plugs is an obvious confirmation that the gasket needs doing, however you might consider doing the cam chain tensioner gasket too whilst you have the rocker cover off (because in doing the rocker cover gasket you've done 90% of the cam chain tensioner gasket job).

    That's easy too (though you will need a special tool to loosen the chain -£6) and there are easy to find write ups.

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